Accelerating World-Changing Research

UCI researchers are working on what matters to all of us: saving the planet; securing data privacy; solving the mysteries of the brain, learning and memory;  living longer, happier lives; and making our region one of the most prosperous, global innovation hubs. With UCI’s talent and enterprise adding billions to the economy, Orange County has become a high-performing ecosystem of medical device, computer gaming, cybersecurity, and other high-tech firms with tremendous economic impact on our region, our state and our world.

UCI pioneered an interdisciplinary approach like no other, and our model of extreme collaboration puts us ahead of the curve. With your partnership, we can reach the world in record time with exponential advances in science, medicine and innovation.

Major objectives you can support through UCI’s Brilliant Future campaign:

  • Enabling collaborative team research through the creation of next-generation, integrated research spaces that cross school boundaries
  • Expanding UCI’s knowledge and expertise through the recruitment and retention of both established and rising star researchers
  • Ensuring that UCI discoveries – medical devices, improvements in air quality, new energy, and even new teaching methods – are cultivated and rapidly delivered to the marketplace
  • Developing the new business leadership, expertise, and models to maximize effective decision-making in a data-transformed global business environment

Your support can accelerate world-changing research.

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