Claire Trevor School of the Arts

At Claire Trevor School of the Arts (CTSA), we not only teach creativity, we are the creative engine that powers innovation at UCI. For more than five decades, Claire Trevor faculty and students have set the highest standards for practicing traditional art forms while pioneering new ones. Our faculty and alumni are recognized globally for their contributions to art and culture. With your help, we will build on CTSA’s remarkable legacy of exploring new frontiers in the arts, cultivating new voices, and expanding our role both on and off campus.

Sarah Strozza
Director of Development

Funding Priorities

Reimagining 21st-Century Arts Research

From arts and wellness research to cutting-edge interdisciplinary programs, our research explores new frontiers in the arts and the nature of human experience. Travel fellowships and endowed chairs create new scholarly opportunities and provide sustained resources for academic and artistic leadership. Additionally, visiting artist lectures and artists in residence inspire creative intellectual exploration.

Developing the Next Generation of CITIZEN Artists

Amid changing demographics, it’s essential that tomorrow’s artists reflect the audiences they will serve. Scholarships and fellowships open doors for students from diverse backgrounds and professional pathways prepare students for professional careers in the arts.

Building 21st-Century Communities through Arts Outreach

From K-12 outreach to art exhibitions, CTSA strives to expand the cultural horizons of surrounding communities, especially those who otherwise have little or no access to the arts. CTSA provides life-changing access to art productions, exhibitions, camps and other experiences ensuring public access to art and STEAM education for all students.

Next-Level Arts Resources

CTSA’s studios and laboratories will be renovated and outfitted with the cutting-edge technology and professional-grade equipment needed for hands-on performance experiences critical to our student training. Furthermore, a public art environment will enhance the school’s landscape to inspire creativity.

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