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Alzheimer’s Disease Excellence Fund

To further the research into age-related brain disorders at UCI MIND.

Alzheimer’s Disease Innovative Research

To fund innovative research at the discretion of the Director of UCI MIND on Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.

UCI Huntington’s Disease Support Group

To advance cutting-edge Huntington’s disease research being conducted by Dr. Leslie Thompson and Dr. Neal Hermanowicz.

Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

To support the translation of research findings into improved diagnosis, treatment and care of people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.
Alzheimer's Disease iPS Cell

Alzheimer’s Disease iPS Cell

To help establish an iPS Cell Bank for research into Alzheimer’s disease at UCI MIND.
Aging and Disability Resource Center Down Syndrome

Aging and Disability Resource Center Down Syndrome

To support promising research in Down Syndrome.
Anteaters Against Alzheimer's

Anteaters Against Alzheimer’s

To support all supplemental activities to advance Alzheimer’s-related research, including pilot programs, faculty recruitment and more.
The 90+ Study

The 90+ Study

To support research in the determinants of successful aging, the cognitive and functional abilites of our aging populations and the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.
Women and Alzheimer's Research

Women and Alzheimer’s Research

To further research of Alzheimer’s disease in women.