Graduate Division

The University of California, Irvine Graduate Division is working to realize our shared “brilliant future” by creating a diverse graduate-level workforce focused on real and meaningful impact. Our passion is to break down the barriers to participation in graduate education. Help us recruit and support the best students and foster their success as researchers, innovators, teachers and entrepreneurs.

Valerie Amador
Executive Director of Development

Funding Priorities


To be competitive with our peers and aspirational peers, we need to provide each Ph.D. student a stipend of approximately $30,000 each year. We invite you to partner with us to help all our graduates make a deep and lasting impact on the future of UCI and beyond by supporting them financially during their tenure as students.


To ensure our students’ success and optimize their impact, we offer supplemental funding of $50,000 annually to students tackling critical interdisciplinary research in the areas of mathematical, computational and systems biology, computational science and neuroscience. In addition, we offer $50,000 stipends to select students in the midst of writing their doctoral dissertations.


Funding for this essential resource provides our graduate students and postdoctoral scholars with professional skills that serve them beyond the campus environment. We emphasize communication and presentation techniques, work/life balance and workplace ethics. Counseling services ensure their mental and physical health.

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