Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute

The Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute is pioneering a multidisciplinary, evidenced-based, integrative approach to health that informs and underpins the Susan and Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences. Our transformative model combines the best conventional medical practices with the most effective complementary therapies to promote optimal health throughout the life span. We plan to expand our scope so that more people will benefit from our trailblazing research, bold educational programs and compassionate, whole person care.

Alexandra Anderson
Director of Development

Funding Priorities


We invite you to invest in a game-changing program designed to incorporate integrative nutrition and nutritional counseling into research agendas, educational curricula and all aspects of the healthcare delivery system. Scientists will study how nutrition can promote health and prevent disease, health sciences students will learn about the roles that nutrition plays in the health of their patients, and community members will participate in educational activities, including our popular culinary classes.


With your partnership, we will launch a world-class program dedicated to one of the pillars of integrative health – connections between the mind and the body. Through cutting-edge research, innovative classes and new clinical programs, patients will learn to align emotional well-being with physical wellness.


Your support for this program will galvanize our community outreach efforts. By collaborating with organizations that share our vision, such as Serve The People, we will deliver more high-quality integrative healthcare to underserved populations. We also plan to work with local schools to introduce students to integrative health at an early age.


With more than two decades of continuous NIH funding, our teams have studied several issues related to heart health, including electroacupuncture in cardiovascular conditions, precision medicine in heart disease and the use of IV chelation therapy. Your gift will empower our investigators to further study how complementary therapies work and how they can be optimized to heal patients with heart conditions.


Educational efforts to create programs and tools that focus on whole person care are a growing need for both incoming and trained health care providers. Support in this area will allow health professionals to develop the skills they need to provide holistic care and promote healing. Participants will learn how to identify the values and goals of their patients and to help them achieve optimal health by reaching their goals.

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